Your Hammam At Home

Hammam At Home

A Hammam is a steam room, similar to a Turkish bath, where Moroccans habitually go each week to cleanse themselves.

If popping over to Morocco is a bit of a stretch for you, why not create your own Hammam At Home?

There are many benefits to the hammam ritual.  The whole process is an extremely invigorating process to tone and firm your skin, leaving it feeling fresher than ever, but you must allow yourself plenty of time. The goal is to spend ample “you” time without stress or distractions.

Hammam Ritual

The Benefits:- 

  1. Physical and Emotional detox – Allowing plenty of you time, will help to reduce stress, anxiety and allow a feeling of deep relaxation
  2. Beautifying the body and face – You will rid yourself of all the dead skin from your body, unclog your pores and eliminate toxins from you skin
  3. Fight acne – You will regulate skin oil secretions to prevent acne and help heal scars and reduce redness.
  4. Skin nourishing and re-hydration – Top up those essential vitamins and minerals
  5. Anti-aging – Allows your inner organs to breathe, while helping to tone and firm the skin and improve elasticity
  6. Decrease muscle tension – Say goodbye to muscle pain and rheumatism
  7. Better sleep – Not only will you be out like a light, but your body will rejuvenate while sleeping
  8. Boost the immune system – Activate your blood circulation
  9. Feel beautiful – You’ll feel clean, fresh and revitalised

Step One

Nacomi Black Soap

Nacomi Savon Noir - Black Soap
Size:  200 ml

Run your shower at a high heat to let the bathroom steam up, then reduce the heat to a level that you can shower in.  Shower your body for a few minutes under the hot water, then turn the water off.  Use Nacomi’s Savon Noir – 100% natural Black Soap, by picking up a very small amount of soap with dry hands. Lather and apply a thin layer to the skin.  Wait at least 10 minutes (of pure relaxation time), then turn the shower back on and rinse off.  NB:  Don’t use around the eye area.

Step Two

Nacomi Kessa Glove

Nacomi Kessa Glove

Use the Nacomi Kessa glove to exfoliate all over your body (not your face).  Rub your skin with the glove in a vertical (not circular) motion to remove the dead cells.  Then rinse your skin thoroughly.  Your skin will now be very soft and ready for the following stages.

Step Three

Nacomi Ghassoul Clay

Nacomi Ghassoul Clay
Size:  100 ml

Ghassoul (pronounced rassoul) is a mineral only found in the beds beneath the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.  It’s 100 percent organic, hypoallergenic, and jam-packed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  Mix the Clay with your Nacomi Activator (see how to here).  Apply to your face and body and then wait for the mask to dry for 15 minutes (don’t worry if the mask goes really hard).  Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Tip:  If the paste is drying too quickly before you can spread it properly, then add more of the activator.

Step Four

Nacomi Macadamia Oil Body Lotion

Nacomi Macadamia Body Lotion
Size:  200 ml

After patting your skin dry.  Use Nacomi Macadamia Body Lotion all over your body.  This light lotion is produced with a liquid crystal base.  It contains natural macadamia and coconut oils, as well as shea butter.

Nacomi Macadamia Body Lotion will reduce the appearance of cellulite and leave your skin firm and smooth.  Coconut oil moisturises and protects the skin against water loss, to give you velvety smooth and soft skin.

How to use:  Apply onto your skin and massage thoroughly in a circular motion.

Your Hammam At Home can now be completed with a nice cup of Herbal Tea, or a relaxing glass of Vino, it’s your evening, so it’s your choice of tipple…… 

Nacomi Natural Skin Care Range is:-

  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • All Individually Handmade
  • Handmade within one month of going on sale
  • Certified ISO 22716
  • Vegan OK
  • Not Tested on Animals

To create your Hammam At Home, click here to find your nearest stockist.

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